“Where am I? What’s going on? Who are these people? Why have you brought me here? Why are you wearing that weird hockey mask?” Don’t worry New Reader, here is where your questions are answered (except that last one *revs chainsaw*).


Where am I?

Penny Blackfeather is a regencypunk adventure comic, set in a quiet and fictional town in early 19th Century non-fictional England.


Who are these people?

The characters so far:

Penelope Blake is a young woman who has grown bored of her humdrum life and craves  adventure. Most people call her Penny. She is haunted by the ghost of her dead grandfather.

Nathaniel Blackfeather is a buccaneer, explorer, treasure hunter and general liability. Unfortunately for him, he is also deceased, and cursed to follow his granddaughter around, narrating her life as a disembodied voice.

Princess is a parrot who may or may not be responsible for everything. She belongs to a stranger who has mysteriously appeared in town, who may or may not be an adventurer.

Mr Poggleswede is the most eligible bachelor in town, which doesn’t stop him from being an insufferable prat.

Mrs Blake is Penny’s long suffering mother. She has two other daughters, Georgiana and Christabel, who are inseparable. Penny and her sisters are triplets.

Miss Quinn, a wealthy heiress, has recently moved into town. She is known to love balls and dancing, but seems to be quite away with the fairies. Her fashion sense is at least 50 years out of date.

Young Bugbear claims to be the terror of Vanilla’s seedy underbelly. Whether this is true or not is beside the point, since he has somehow managed to persuade two genuinely scary thugs to follow him around everywhere.

Molly is Miss Quinn’s quiet and emotionless maid, but you don’t want to get on her bad side.

The local hedge-witch, Miriam Mim lives in the shabbier part of Vanilla, tending her exotic plants, scaring the children and muttering curses. She seems to be looking for someone. She lives with her… sister friend pet companion Cali, a tree nymph.

Various monsters have started turning up. They are mostly evil, but none of them are particularly bright.


The White Knights, consisting of Aldous Brobdiggon, Elyssia Nyx, Victor Leal and Mr I. Cobbes the mountain man, are Rook’s minions. They are, respectively, pathetic, cruel, easily defeatable and loud.

Winter and Ossa are two snow spirits. Winter is very young and naive while her older sister Ossa is more cynical and distrusts humans.

More characters will appear here as the story progresses.


More questions! (FAQ)

Here are some questions I have been asked frequently, as well as some that I have only been asked occasionally, and some that I have not been asked at all:

Who are you?

I am the night.

How can I contact you to tell you how awesome you are and send you stuff?

You can chat to me on Twitter and the Penny Blackfeather Facebook page, but if you wish to contact me in a more official copacity, the email address for this website is regencypunk at gmail dot com. I can’t garuntee to back to you straight away, as I am a lazy hack due to my full-time job I can only check emails when I have time.

Are you Penny Blackfeather?/Is Penny based on you?/Oh hi Penny!

No./No./Stop that.

Penny is a character I created and the story is made up by me, but is not based on any real-life person. If anything, I’m more like her mother. Now there’s a harrowing thought…

When does the comic update?

Wednesdays (and on special occasions)

What the hell is Regencypunk?

Regencypunk is similar to steampunk, but nothing is steam-powered, nobody wears goggles and the national anthem isn’t ‘God save the Queen’. Also there are more balls.

Regencypunk is also similar to ‘gothic’ literature, but with more parrots.

Regencypunk is not historically accurate, nor is it another Jane Austen fanfic so there.

To be honest, I’m not sure that Regencypunk is even a real thing.

Penny Blackfeather, eh? Anything to do with the type of stamp?

Why yes, you observant spark, you! I came up with the story before the main character’s surname, but she was always Penny. At one point, the setting was quite modern and I decided to name the heroine Penny Black after the aforementioned stamp. However, the setting eventually became Regency, a few decades before the invention of the adhesive postage stamp, therefore ruining the joke. So I changed it ever so slightly to make it a bit more unusual.

To make it clear, Penny’s real name is Penelope Blake, her ‘adventuring’ name is Penny Blackfeather, which is also her mother’s maiden name and Nathaniel’s surname.

Speaking of names…

What is that adventurer’s name?

For some reason I get asked this a lot. I guess he’s just kind of forgettable. If you’ve lost track of the characters’ names, you can read about each of them on this page.

I have suggestions for how to improve your site! (?)

This site is a bit home-made and I am a bit lazy. If anything isn’t working or you think I could make it prettier/easier to use/less awful, please leave a comment or contact me on twitter. Here is a list of things for this site that I am already aware of:

  • RSS feed
  • an online store