Whoa now! What’s this? Do not adjust your eyes dear reader, this is no trickery. Today marks the beginning of a very colourful journey for Penny. Tune in next week to see what it is that has her looking so amazed! And for fans of greyscale, don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned it forever. This is not a permanent thing.

Comica Comiket yesterday was brilliant! Hello to anyone visiting who took a card and a big thank you to you lovely Rengencypunks (or maybe, as mentioned here in the comments, Blackolytes?) who bought a book or a postcard. I had the pleasure of sharing a table with Andy Poyiadgi (check out his stuff here) who makes awesome comics with tea and about tea, and we were next to Zarina Liew and Richy K Chandler, creators of Le Mime and Lucy the Octopus respectively. I met many lovely people during the day, on both sides of the tables. Comics people are the best people.

That'll be Andy's beautifully colour co-ordinated tidy stuff on the right, next to the rat's nest

Eagle-eyes readers may notice that I am still relying on hurriedly hand-made business cards, because I am an idiot. They may also notice that we were offering delicious marshmallows, and that I had to make a comic-shield to save myself from them.

In exchange for a marshmallow I got given this awesome present from one talented visitor. It is my new favourite thing:

And I did a comic for a CASS ART competition:

I won a prize too! So excited, can’t wait to go to the Soho CASS ART and buy ALL OF THE PENS. Triiiaaaaassssss…

Afterwards we all went for some food and enjoyed the lovely bar at Central St. Martins. It was a good day. Now, today is a day for recovering, so it is time for a nap. Hooray-zzzz…