UPDATE: Here’s the table plans for Comica Comiket. I’ll be at table 23 between Andy Poyiadgi, Richy K Chandler and Zarina Liew. Join usssss…

This week, we do not find out what Mim knows about the family Blackfeather. You’ll have to wait for that (mwaa ha ha). What we do have is a lovely chat between our heroine and a friendly dryad. Next week, things get, well… vivid.

Next Saturday is Comica Comiket, where I will be selling part 1 and 2 of Penny Blackfeather. Come to Central St. Martins by King’s Cross and say hi. Also buy some comics so that I can eat.

We saw a spike in viewers last week, but weren’t able to see where they all came from, so if you have been spreading the word about Penny Blackfeather, thank you so much! I’d love to know who you are. Penny Blackfeather was the small press book at the lovely comic reading group Comic Gosh!p on Wednesday, where I babbled about parrots and the Bechdel test for too long, but got some brilliant feedback from people who enjoyed the comic. All in all it has been a good week for Penny, so here’s hoping that it continues to be so. Thank you all!