This week, we’re getting to meet Mrs Miriam Mim and her “sister” Cali. Will we find out what it is they’re after? Will they be able to help Penny in her quest? Find out next week!

The big news this week is that Penny Blackfeather part 2 is now in print. Hooray!

Read by all good cyborgs and skeletons.

That rather bad photo was taken at my workplace, but where else can you find this marvellous book I hear you cry? (At least, I think that’s what I can hear. Perhaps the boiler is playing up again.) Well, at the moment, you can’t find it anywhere. But in the coming week, I shall be wandering to a couple of comic book shops and begging asking them to take on a few more comics (did you know that the lovely Orbital Comics in Covent Garden already has Penny Blackfeather part 1 in stock? YOU DO NOW. GIVE THEM ALL OF YOUR MONEYS.) I’ll update here straight away once I know what’s what in that regard.

Also, I’m hoping to be at the very first session of a brand new comic meet up called Process that starts on Wednesday at Gosh comics in Soho. It’s run by Steve of podcast South London Hardcore, which is great despite being on the wrong side of the river.

Later on this month I will be at Comica Comiket, selling comics and resisting the urge to buy everybody else’s. More details on that nearer the time.

And lastly, for those of you out there in the wide world who can’t make it into London any time soon, I am working on setting up an online store as the main priority for the site, honest! Just looking at the different options for comic-friendly stores this week, so with any luck it’ll be set up before the end of April (but bear in mind that this is the woman who said Penny Blackfeather part 2 would be printed in January.)

Until next time, folks!