Hi all,

Apologies in advance for spelling mistakes and general vaguery as I went to LSCC yesterday and today is a recovery day. It was a good comiccon. There were comics. Then afterwards there was pub. Also good.

AND NOW *winces* and now ladies and gentlemen, the week you have finally been waiting for: WASP week! It starts tomorrow and lasts until Sunday, when you will see something special happen to our very own Penny! *dramatic music*

This handy guide to WASP is by the talented Mr Richy K Chandler.

I shall be yelling about the comics as they go up on twitters but you can find out more about them here too. I shall be doing the artings for one of these poor souls this week, and getting some gorgeous artwork from someone else in return. But who? Aha! It’sa secret! You’ll have to tune in this week to find out!

*dramatic music builds to a crescendo*

… *turns music down and goes back to a comic-strewn bed* zzzzz…