It’s the beginning of part 3 and things are getting weirder by the minute for Penny on her search for adventure. The first story page will be up as usual on Sunday.

But there are other exciting things afoot, my friends, oh yes. I have joined forces with some incredibly talented folks to bring you an exciting new project known as WASP! Each of us will be taking over the art duties for another for one week, so you’ll be seeing something very different and hopefully, if I can get my act together, something up to their standards.

In other news, I have updated the FAQ with a couple of questions I have been asked more than once by different people. If you have a question to ask just drop a comment right here or contact me on Twitter. (By the way, we’re nearing 3000 hits, and to celebrate I shall draw whatever you suggest, no matter how silly. No. Matter. If I don’t regret saying this by the time 3000 rolls around, you haven’t tried hard enough.)