It’s January the 13th, which means… it’s Penny’s birthday! More precisely, the comic is one year old today. January 13th was the point that I got this website working anyway. Just after midnight.

I didn’t draw anything special┬ásince I’ve been very busy moving house and sorting out the printing of part 2 (soooooon), but my plan is to celebrate by going to the pub. You can celebrate by going to a pub/non-alcoholic-alternative too. Fun for all.

At some point in the next few months, we’ll reach 3000 hits. Like the last couple of times we reached a target, you decide what I draw for it. Let me know in the comments, on the facebook page or on twitter what you would like. It can be anything: your favourite character doing something weird, a creature from the 12 days thing, some cameos, whatever. The power is in your hands. And with great power, comes greatly scandalous abuse of that power.

Next week: Oh no! Has Penny started her first adventure only to be squished by a tree trunk? What will happen to the poor adventurer? Will Miss Quinn get away with her evil plot? What is her evil plot anyway? I’m so confused! We’re only a few pages away from the end of part 2!