What’s this? Why is everything suddenly less colourful? Yeah about that. I was too lazy didn’t have time to colour all of these (you may see why when we reach double digits) so I have just done the underpainting and left the rest at that for now. But what if these were not only in full colour but you could have one on your own wall?

*uninpressed silence*

Okay. What if you could own one of these things, have it on your wall and also give money to charity? Wooo! What I am going to do is first colour them in properly, and then put them on eBay so that we can raise money for a good cause. I’ll let you know more in the new year once all is ready. Once I’ve coloured each day I shall replace the underpainted version on the website with the full colour version.

If you came here looking for a comic page, don’t fret! Next week we are back to the plot.