Oh dear. Our poor adventuring friend isn’t having the best couple of days, is he? Good job Penny is there to (hopefully) save the day…

So! Plans! I have decided not to attempt setting up an online store just yet because I don’t have to time or resources to commit to it any time before Christmas (also not much to sell). What I am concentrating on first is getting part 2 of the comic printed. That’s right folks, part 2 of Penny Blackfeather is finished and almost ready to print (it is nowhere near ready to print). Once that is done, I will put both parts up in the new store. This will happen in January.

Also in January: Penny’s birthday is on January the 13th. That is to say, the comic launched online on January the 13th this year. So I will probably do something special on that day (by which I mean go to the pub and not do any work). If anyone has any suggestions for special things (ie. good pubs) let us know.

I am also working on a special update for Christmas day. Hurrah!

Next week: Penny has a cunning plan! Will it work? Probably maybe? Find out next time!