Hello all, today I am at Thought Bubble in Leeds, checking out some amazing comickery! (Actually I’m sitting at home on a Friday evening writing this in advance since I won’t have my computer with me on Sunday, but unless anything has gone all weird, while you are reading this I’ll be in sunny Leeds… unless you are reading this on Monday… whatever.)

I just stuck to selling at one convention this year, but there are so many cool comic things going on around the same time. Last week I was at Comica Comiket, a lovely comic market that is part of the Comica Festival. A few people I know were selling there, also there was the most fantastic cake of all time. Hopefully next year I will be organised enough to get a table.

So anyway, today is an auto-update day, but don’t think that because we see less of each other that I don’t still love you very much. See, we’re back with Penny again! Princess is trying to tell her something, but will she be able to leave without a distraction? Find out next week!