Hello folks! I am now well-rested from my wonderful weekend at MCM Expo (this is a lie; we have finals at work and sleep is the sweet sweet cake beyond one thousand portals) so now it is time to recount my adventures!

As they are long adventures, they are after this cut:

It all began last thing on Thursday evening, when my table-buddy Parfay and I discovered that we were completely unprepared to the point of having no business cards and only one pass between the two of us.

I was all by myself on Friday. Having carried two boxes, two bags and two poles for our sign (which I had not yet made) all the way from North London on the tube, I finally reached the Excel centre, where I was greeted by the sight of hundreds of people and the suspicion that I had been lied to when told that Friday would be ‘totes dead’. Turns out, Dr Who was signing autographs in a giant tardis. I managed to craftily sneak through the throng to the inner sanctum of arty geekery, Comic Village, where I met some of my neighbours.

I then set out our table, with my epic decorating skills.


The sign fell on me twice before I gave up and stuck it to the front of the table.┬áBoth of the tables on either side of me and opposite me were empty, so I can only assume that some customers were lured to me and my saggy sign out of sheer pity. Actually, I did rather well on Friday. I made some sales and immediately spent my profits on other people’s comics.

Saturday was steampunk day!

Yes, since I didn’t have to carry anything in, I decided to find another way to make my commute really awkward. That’s me on the right, remembering why I don’t usually wear skirts on blustery cold days. I met a load of cool steampunks, some of whom had made their own costumes and also whole characters to go in them. It was rather cool. They even staged a fight with a rival gang of ‘skyrates’ in the courtyard outside, where I joined the side of the adventurers and pretended to know what I was doing.

I was joined by Parfay today, who helped make our table much neater. We each made a cherub to hold up our lovely sign:

And we had bowls of sweets to entice people towards our table and my hastily made business cards:

(photo courtesy of Dan Leatherdale)

Saturday was a lot of fun! Not only was I sharing a table with some supreme talent, we were surrounded by amazing artists, with Tangentine and Failboat Press on either side. We also met some very strange people.

Sunday was sales day! I sold more on Sunday than the other days put together and managed to give away every business card I’d made. I even sold some of the new postcards I’d made. I then went and bought a load of steampunk stuff and frittered away my earnings on comics, bagels and hot chocolate.

I spent most of Sunday making Cthulu paper chains. This was suggested to me by a zombie on the Friday as a replacement for my failure of a sign.

All in all, it was an excellent weekend. The best part was meeting so many lovely people who made my first expo as a seller far less scary and a lot more fun. If you bought a comic or just came over for a chat I really appreciate it! Any profits that weren’t redistributed in comic village have been put into the fund for the print run of issue two (due January 2013!) That will be available next year in the May MCM Expo if they let me come back, and possibly other expos too. I can’t wait!

My next task is to set up an online store so that people who couldn’t make it to MCM Expo can buy a copy of the comic. You know, Christmas is coming and all that…