Uhoh, looks like things are beginning to unravel. And this, boys and girls, is why you should never give in to peer pressure, especially if that peer is a ghost narrator who tells you to read an arcane spell from an old, mysterious book that a mad old lady has given you. Nothing good ever comes of it.

One week to go until MCM Expo! I’ve ordered a few postcards to sell there, which will probably not arrive in time anyway. I’ll be in the Comic Village, sharing a table with the lovely Parfay. There isn’t a proper map yet, but I think we’ll be at table F3 so come and say hello!

Some people I know (Tim. Yeah, you.) don’t like to read webcomics because of the wait between pages, so a real paper comic is the ideal present for them. But if you love webcomics and don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on something you can read online, come and say hello anyway! I’d love to meet anyone who has a soft spot for Regencypunk. If you enjoy a nice cup of tea in the afternoon, if you don’t quite understand those hip young steampunks with their goggles* and their newfangled velocipedes, or if there’s just something about a man in breeches that sends you into a tizzy (substitute ‘lady in petticoats’ into that sentence if you are that way inclined) then join us at table F3!

There will still be a page next Sunday. Tune in to find out what Miss Quinn’s spellbook has unleashed…


* No but seriously, above the brim of your top-hat is an impractical place for your goggles.**

** Just kidding, I love you all really.