Angst angst angst. Don’t worry folks, this is about as seriously emotional as this comic is going to get. But… hmm… who is this dark and sinister figure and why does he hate magic so much?

There’s new content in the Extras page! Yay! It isn’t an online shop yet! Ya-what? Boo!

So, MCM Expo eh? Here’s how it goes:

I have, as mentioned before, a lovely big box full of Penny Blackfeather comics. Eventually these will be available online for those of you in mystic faraway kingdoms/republics. But, for those of you in old Blighty, you have a chance to get your mitts on a copy earlier than that if you are going to MCM Expo on the 26th-28th of October. I will be in the comic Village selling the comics in person, so you can get a little doodle inside or a postcard if you so wish. The reason I won’t be opening up the online shop until after MCM is that I don’t know how many copies I’ll actually manage to sell.

Thanks for your patience, and an extra special thanks to international regencypunks out there. So hi to everyone from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, Portugal and all the others I have missed here.

Next week: More angst, or, if you don’t like the angst, less angst! Don’t leave!


[Yes, it has been left unshaded on purpose]