Does anyone else now have the Wizadora theme-tune stuck in their heads. Ughh…

It annoys me when I have a comic page that doesn’t feature Penny, since she’s meant to be the focus of this story, not this guy. But next week she’ll be back and as eager for adventure as ever.

I went to an all night comic-book movie marathon on Friday. I finally got to see The Rocketeer for the first time. It was great, and I was surprisingly awake enough to appreciate it. I also saw Superman for the first time in years and thought it was way better than I remembered. Anyway, all of the films I saw (Superman, Batman (Adam West FTW), Scott Pilgrim, Sin City, X-men, Spiderman and The Rocketeer) had their own moods and takes on heroes. They can be reluctant, overconfident, often inept, underestimated, selfish, but never perfect. Watching them fail and then clumsily attempt to correct their failures is more interesting than watching them win. Seeing Clark Kent awkwardly fumbling to impress Lois Lane is more endearing than seeing him turn back time by spinning Earth backwards (for many reasons). They all needed somebody else to help them at some point. They all brought most of their problems on themselves. They all made mistakes. Even with their power and technology, most of these heroes were a bit useless when you really got down to it, and that’s what made them so lovable.

But still, can’t wait to get back to someone other than this numpty.