What’s this? It seems that someone else has had their eyes on Miss Quinn’s special book. But why do they want it and what will this eldritch horror do to get hold of it? Will Penny get to have a proper adventure at last? And what is that parrot planning? All these questions and more will (probably) be answered in part 2 of Penny Blackfeather!

I spent quite a while designing Molly and trying to make her look as ugly as possible, but I still think she may be creepier with the mask on. Unfortunately in her first appearance in page 11 I didn’t make it quite clear how static her ‘face’ was. Don’t worry folks. There’s nothing that looks as horrible as that in real li-




And that’s the end of part 1! Next Sunday we’ll have the first page of part 2 and then later that week a bonus page. Sweet dreams until then…

PS. I’m in the middle of moving at the moment, so the last 1000 hits drawing will be a bit late. I’m also in the middle of proof-reading the pages of part 1 for print, so if you’ve spotted a mistake somewhere that I haven’t already fixed, let me know and win fabulous prizes*!


*Prizes include: mutual respect, a sense of accomplishment and a theoretical pat on the back. Hurry while stocks last.