Hiyo folks! Today’s page is the penultimate one in part 1 of this storyline. Woohoo! (Fun fact: This page was originally the first page of part 2, but last week’s page would have made a rubbish cliff hanger *Evil grin*) I don’t know about you guys, but that maid gives me the creeps…

A while ago I invited people to suggest things to draw once we’d reached 1000 hits. The first suggestion was something Game of ‘Thrones-y, preferably featuring Jon Snow, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to draw that? (Unless it was a choice between him and Tyrion). Of course, I had to give it a bit of a blackfeather twist, so here is the adventurer demonstrating why beards do not suit fat faces:

game of feathers

That’s right adventurer, I said you had a fat face. Go cry in a corner.

The other suggestion I had was a bit trickier, so I’ll be putting that up next week to tempt you back for the final slice of part 1 pie.

In other news: I have started looking at options for printing this first part of the comic! Got a couple of printers I am looking at, and what has been good is being able to get advice from so many lovely creators at meet ups, conventions and online. It’s great to have such a super community of talented people around. So thank you all you wonderful, crazy people!

Final bit of news is that I am moving house in the next week, which is kind of scary and cool at the same time. It won’t mean any disruption to the comic thanks to my (admittedly reapidly depleting) backlog of pages, but it means I won’t have a scanner for a while so there may be a little pages blip later down the line. Probably not, but just a head’s up.

Until next time folks!