It’s been a busy weekend what with the wrap party for our latest film and then MCM Expo. I got early entry this year because I thought it would mean less of a queue (roars of hysterical laughter) and headed straight for the Artist’s Alley, my favourite place. And then I spentĀ so much money on things that are amazing.

So many pretties: I got an original ink wash drawing by Tom Siddell, creator of one of my favourite webcomics, Gunnerkrigg Court. As with Comica Comiket, it was great to meet and shake hands with someone you admire and who has inspired your work so much. Also I finally got my sweaty little hands on real life issues of Josceline Fenton’s beautiful comic Hemlock. There were also shiny things from Fay and Alex, two amazingly talented people I had the pleasure of bugging all day. Not only that but they were kind enough to put some of my flyers on their tables, so thank you for that guys!

The best thing about these places is finding new stuff though, and I found a few newly printed comics that had started out on the web that I really enjoyed. I may post later about my favourites once I’ve finished reading them. But it was encouraging to see that people had the drive to go and make their comics into real holdable things.

I like to tell myself and my bank balance that I have bought these for research purposes.

Oh yes, when I mentioned flyers, I meant these:

My lovely friend Tara and I made these together to hand out at the Expo. I managed to summon the courage to hand them over to a few people. There’s a higher res version here.

Next MCM Expo I will (hopefully) be selling part one of Penny Blackfeather, now that I have ‘researched’ comics enough to give it a try myself. Got to look out for a good printers, so if anyone knows somewhere good, let me know!

Now I had better get on with actually working on this comic again…