We’re at 830 page views as of me writing this. 1000 is rolling around (sometime this year, perhaps) and so I wanted to do something to celebrate. How about this: when we reach 1000 page views I will draw something special for you all. Now I don’t know what it is you would like so you must tell me in the comments, and old aunty Fran will draw it, no matter what it is! A bit of fan art maybe, or your favourite PB character doing something weird, or in a different style, anything goes! (disclaimer: ‘anything goes’ excludes gratuitous violence and boot-knocking)

Keep in mind that if there aren’t any comments specifying things we’ll be going with the default, which is ‘the narrator sneers at you mockingly; a watercolour’.


In other news, here is the world’s most pointlessly placed QR code!


Try it on your phone, unless you are already on your phone, you hi-tech wizard you. Also, the site should be loading faster now but let me know if you are still having problems. I have been told the damned thing sometimes doesn’t load at all and couldn’t figure out why, so I threw plugins at it like a demented hoopla game. It may have worked, goodness knows.