It is very wrong to have a favourite character. I’m not saying I have a favourite character. But if I did, which I don’t, it would be very wrong of me to say who it was…

Okay, it’s the narrator.

You may have seen Nathaniel Blackfeather popping up in the odd reflection while Penny is talking to him, but this is our first look at him in his younger and livelier days. He was in his late thirties at his unfortunate end (let’s take the exact circumstances described with a pinch of salt) and has been waiting around for someone to pay some attention to him for almost forty years since.

We’ll get to see more of Nathaniel as the story progresses but for now here’s a preview of him from a larger picture I’m working on. In his long years as a ghost, he has not aged well. When designing this version of him, I was aiming for a malnourished Alan Moore crossed with Michael Sheen’s character in that one vampire film where he had a beard.

Of course, what Nathaniel Blackfeather looks like is immaterial, he’s the all-powerful, omniscient and invisible narrator. I know exactly what he sounds like in my mind, but what he sounds like in yours is entirely up to you.