Some people visiting the site have mentioned to me that it often won’t load. I think this may be partly due to the size of the comics. Aiming as I was for the old Asterix style European format, the comic pages have to be pretty big, but this means they take longer to load. A solution to this would be to cut the pages in half and update with half a page, but twice a week. The pages would hopefully load quicker and you’d get updates more often without me having to speed up my drawing process. But, it means an end to the full page experience. So, here is a question for you dear reader:

What would you prefer?

A. Good old-fashioned portrait full pages, once a week, preserving page’s story and punchlines (ha ha, she’s pretending there are punchlines). Fits onto your swishy mobile screen.

B. Shiny modern landscape half pages, twice a week, for more regular bite-size doses of comic. Fits onto your swishy computer monitor.

If Penny Blackfeather were ever to be printed, it would still keep the European-style portrait format.

Feedback is much appreciated. Either reply to this post, let me know on Twitter, or throw a paper airplane at me with your preference scrawled over it in morse code.



Edit: And the winner seems to be A! Hurrah!