My goodness, I do believe we have caught sight of a rare and elusive beast, the lesser-spotted plot. Will Penny find the library or will she find… something other than the library? *ominous fanfare* I don’t know about you but I can’t wait a whole week to find out.

So, apparently this Wednesday is a very special day that only rolls around every four years, so to celebrate I’m going to update page 10 on February 29th, and then post page 11 next Sunday. Because I am a rebel without a cause and also because page 10 is maybe 4 panels long. But mostly because I love you and I just can’t propose to all of you, my darlings.

If you are enjoying the comic, please do spread the word. It is much appreciated.

By the way, that is Mr Poggleswede in the second panel, demonstrating why he is such a catch. His design has changed slightly from his first appearance.