Today we see how Penny and her mother differ in opinion concerning the correct way to behave. Mrs Blake has chosen to ignore the fact that her daughter has already almost flattened the man of her dreams with a gargoyle.

I’ve finally fixed the spelling mistake on page 3. If anybody spots another one loitering about (those spelling mistakes are sneaky buggers) let me know.

Thinking about getting a ticket for MCM Expo, but the deadline for our current film at work is pretty much humping the leg of that weekend, so we’ll see.

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A quick guide to making your life unnecessarily difficult with comics:

high resolution

Just in case anyone was wondering about all of those fine details, this is the size the images are at when I put them together in photoshop. The traditionally painted pages are A3 and won’t fit in my scanner so arrive on my computer in pieces. It’s probably a little bit of overkill to work at this size when they end up much smaller; my poor six-year-old computer can hardly bear it.


Now what’s this our Penny is reading? The Saga of Weland? Why that sounds like an exciting adventure! Not that we’d know from looking at the webcomic itself since it’s been made so much smaller that all my lovely attention to detail is lost. Bah. But on the other hand, you also can’t see all the scrappy bits of paint and fluff on her face. Well you couldn’t until I pointed them out.



By the way, The Saga of Weland is a real story written by my obscenely talented friend Yvonne. Of course in real life Penny would have to wait over 200 years for it to be published, but she’s managed to snag a copy from somewhere.