Oooh cliffhanger! What has our poor adventurer done this time? How are they going to get Winter’s cloak back like this? It’s all a bit of a pickle, isn’t it.

Sadly, you’re going to have to wait an extra week to find it all out. Next week I’m taking a break as I’ll be preparing both for MCM and for the deadline of our current film at my day job. Don’t panic though, updates resume on the 24th with the first page of part 2.

Also in two weeks time is MCM Expo London! I’ll be there at the Sloth Comics table selling volume 1 of Penny Blackfeather, plus individual issues including brand new printed┬áVolume 2 Part 1. It’s not even called Volume 2; I gave it a name and everything. Woohoo! You can also get your own drawing by me as I’ll be doing commissions again. I’m getting the hang of them. 60% guaranteed it might even look like you.

Next week I’ll put up some artwork and maybe show you the cover of the new issue. Stand by for the name of Volume 2!