Serious time. Here’s an update on what’s going on in my life.

I live in a basement flat and last week it flooded. Not in a devastating news-worthy way, but in a pathetic, gross way. I walked into the kitchen and the floor blorped and wobbled like the surface of a water bed. Water dribbled morosely through cracks in the lino. Slugs popped up out of the shadows like they were throwing a miniature surprise party for me. It was not pleasant.

So this, coupled with a human-sized damp mould spore growing on one of the walls, means I have spent the last week and a half moving my worldly possessions into boxes and sleeping on my friends’ sofa. At the same time I have been busy at work getting our latest show to final and preparing for MCM. This hasn’t left a lot of time for anything else.

TO THE POINT: There won’t be a page this week. I just don’t have time to finish it. It is rather depressing for me to have to put aside what I love for a week (and it will be only a week, damn it) while I sort my life out, but this is the way it has to be. Next week I am at my parents’ house, with time off from work to sort this out and with my own bed. Comics will be made. I can’t wait. I can not wait. Soon. Soooooon.

So. I suck. No comic. But. Buuuut… I have a special thing I will be selling at MCM and T-Bubz this year. I made a Christmas card from last year’s Eccles Christmas Greeting. The plan is to sell these cards, a limited edition item signed and numbered by me by golly, and the proceeds will go entirely to charity. Pay a bit extra and you can get a sketch inside as well. And after all that’s happened these last few weeks, the obvious choice for me was the great homelessness charity Shelter.

Now my situation my be stressful and inconvenient but I’m lucky enough that I have friends and family to help me out and enough saved up for emergencies. A lot of people are going through genuine crises and have nobody who can help them, no back up plan, nothing. For a couple of pounds you can help these people out and get a nice picture of Eccles pigging out on mince pies to grace your lovely warm dry home. After MCM I will find a way to make these available online too, but once they go, they’re gone forever. There are only 100. You know you want that tentacley goodness.