A new chapter with a new character, but who is it? What does this all mean? Well you will have to wait and see. Next week, Penny has some constructive criticism for her new training regime.

Next week I will be at MCM Expo in London, at table CK10. All around me will be Sloth Comics, Tempolush And Limehouse Comics, so you can get Penny Blackfeather volume 1, Rosie and Jacinda: Demon Cloud and To Arms! all in one place. That’s everything I worked on this year! I’ll also be doing ink commissions and there may even be a special limited edition thing available. If you haven’t gotten a ticket for MCM yet, weekend tickets are gone but you can still get a day ticket (I’d recommend the Friday or Sunday as they aren’t as rammed as Saturday will be). Hopefully I’ll see you there! Even if you don’t want to buy things it is always a pleasure to meet someone who enjoys reading Penny online.