Hello folks!

The summer is almost over. I’m already wearing three jumpers at once in preparation. And along with the summer endeth my summer holiday. The web cover for Penny Blackfeather Volume 2 will be up in September (when in September depends on how busy my day job is at that point unfortunately) and the main story will be starting soon after that. I can’t wait to start this one; there’s going to be some strange thing happening in Vanilla. Not only that, but I already have plans for another volume after that so we’re in for at least a trilogy now. Oh boy, good luck everyone.

Now, what am I up to until then, you ask? *listens to crickets chirping* Weeelll… I’ll be at Comica Comiket on August 16th promoting two new books: Penny Blackfeather Volume 1 (the collected edition!) with the awesome Sloth Comics publishing, and also the snazzy anthology To Arms! in which you can find a 4-page comic-poem written by my pal Lauren Murphy and illustrated by me, as well as many other super fine comics all about World War 1. But that’s not all. I’ll also be appearing in the drawing parade. I’ll be drawing Penny live on stage while answering questions. So if you’ve always wanted to watch me awkwardly doodle while muttering about parrots, now is your chance!

I’ll then be at MCM Glasgow in September and MCM London in October. More details for them nearer the time. Around then is when the third project I’ve been working on will be debuting… Rosie and Jacinta! I can’t wait to tell you more about that but I’ll save it for another post when you may get a sneaky peak.

See you soon my lovelies! Wheeeeee…