This week: Did anyone believe for a second that this guy was a killer? I mean look at him! Look at that innocent face… hey, where’d he go?

And what’s this? No colour? Are we back in Kansas? Was it all a dream? Could the adventure be… gulp… almost over?

I’m sorry I have been a bit out of the loop in the last few months. It has been hectic film schedule after hectic film schedule. I finished working on Thor 2 only to get thrown into a new project that will be coming out this year. It’s all very exciting but also exhausting so sadly the comic and the social side of things took a bit of a hit. I can’t promise that it won’t happen again in the next two months. This is the price of the glamorous VFX industry.

But here’s some news! Penny Blackfeather is 2 years old as of last Monday! To celebrate (since I have no actual art to show) here’s a thrilling announcement… there is going to be a special Collected Edition of Penny Blackfeather published by Sloth Comics! Eek! So this whole story will be available to buy in one big book. Now some of you may be going “hang on Fran, I bought PB comics from you already. Don’t tell me I have to buy issues 1-3 a second time to get issue 4!” Well don’t panic, there will also be an issue 4 printed. So you can choose whether you want issues or a collection. I’ll have more about both as they develop. First I have to finish this thing. In fact, there’s only 13 pages of the comic left to go. That’s right, there is an ending. I wrote it just over two years ago.

I say ending, but maybe I mean pause. What happens after that? Aha… you’ll see. Soon.