Hey there, I’ve been a bit quiet on the news front recently because of how busy it has been. Sorry about that. Hopefully in the new year I’ll be able to spend more time on the website itself. I planned to get the shop up and running but that will have to wait until later when I am less busy/lazy/ill. Also… there’s some big news for Penny but I’m going to wait until it is confirmed to announce it. Hopefully by Christmas.

So this week was the 2nd half of a double page. It looks like human!Princess jogged our adventurer’s memory with unexpected results. In case you can’t remember, the spell he is combining with the bird spell is from way back on this page. Here’s the latest pages combined (click on the image to make them bigger):

Next week: Dramatic slow-motion running away from explosions and falling buildings! Like in movies! Kind of! Not really! Also soon I will be able to embrace my lovely greyscale paints again. Not literally; that would be messy.