Over 90 pages and I have finally reached this moment. Ahh, savouring the moment. Savouring, savourin- shh Adventurer, don’t spoil it.

Next weeek is Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds. There may not be a page but there will definitely be something here. I’ll be there selling Penny Blackfeather, among some amazingly talented comic creators. Here’s a lovely map made by Kate “Widdershins” Ashwin:

Also at Thought Bubble will be Richy K Chandler of Lucy The Octopus and WASP fame (at table 140) and Mike Megdaglia, grand master of the Wu Wei anthology, who will be at table 44, sharing with me. There will be loads of Wu Wei contributors at T-Bubz so you could get your copy signed by a whole bunch of us. If I didn’t already have a copy, I’d be jealous.

Also, I’ll be doing a limited number of commissions at Thought Bubble. Super limited, because I’ll probably be distracted by all of the awesome going on. I won’t be doing any other commissions this year. So now’s your chance to get a doodle on a napkin from me. And if you just want to come by and say hi or talk about why Northanger Abbey is actually the best Jane Austen novel to not have Colin Firth in it, feel free! It’s the first time Penny will be outside of London. Eek!