This week: The big boss is awake! I think if Miss Quinn had succeeded in the original plan, she still wouldn’t have been able to take over the world. This guy doesn’t look like a team player.

It’s the last day of MCM Expo and it is just lovely here. The sun, the sea, the sand, the comics. Wish you were here, no really, you should be here. If you’re in London and you need something to do, come to MCM Expo and visit table cf3 to buy a copy of brand new issue 3. I’ll do a proper post full of pictures from the expo plus news about future conventions (Comica Comiket is next weekend, then Thought Bubble in a few weeks) after I’ve gotten back home.

If you’re here because you followed the secret trail from MCM to my website, welcome! Make yourself at home. Pull up a chair… no wait, maybe not that chair right under the comics. That one is load-bearing.

Next week: A race to escape the monster in the castle before the inevitable Hollywood explosions! (There will probably be no explosions)