This year I have been involved in a new comics anthology called Wu Wei, which is now out! It is 100 pages of funny, witty, whimsical and beautiful comics exploring the topic of spirituality. I collaborated with writer Steven Walsh to create The Tales of¬†Nasrudin,¬†a set of comical tales about the titular 14th Century fable character. There’s some amazing work in there by other artists and you can learn more about it (and order it too) here.

Friday night was the launch party at Gosh Comics in Soho. I had a great time meeting new people and signing books (something I am still not used to doing. The idea that someone could want my childish scrawl ruining their beautiful purchase is still a novelty even now).

The man behind it all is Mike Medaglia, and the good news is that I will be sharing a table with him at Thought Bubble festival this year.

This week’s page is one of my favourites. Only two pages left to go until part 4. Tune in next week! Thanks for reading!