May MCM Expo was amazing! Thank you to everyone who came to say hi and talk to me, and a special big thanks to anyone who bought a comic. I met so many lovely people, and my only regret about the weekend (apart from not getting enough business cards printed. So much for “Ha, I won’t have to hand-make any this time”.) was not getting a chance to see more people in the comic village.

I did manage to see Bex, who did the amazing WASP page for the comic a few months back, and her sister Sarah. Bex does the super cool comic Strangers and Friends and Sarah does the equally cool Summer of Blake Sinclair. Bex made some brilliant fanart of the adventurer, henceforth known as “Mr Sideburns-Of-Awesome” which is a title I am sure he will love:

look at how pleased he is with his new name

Check out the Extras page for a full-size version and other fanart. We also participated in a Comic-Jam with other people in the comic village (sadly I have to rescan this as the image corrupted. It’ll be here soon!)

By the way, the website has a new email address, which I created for MCM. It is regencypunk at gmail dot com. I’ve updated the Info page with this too.

Hit the cut for some more from the weekend:


I made a Penny maquette! Yes, this was handmade by me out of sculpy and bits of my soul (the parrot however was from the toy department in John Lewis). I also had badges and prints as well as the usual books.

One of these two knows what they are doing here


my MCM haul – so many shinies

Ahh, look at all the shiny comics I bought! I missed out on a few more I wanted, but these are all brilliant books that you should be reading right now.

These are the business cards I had made. I ordered 100, then saw my friend Rob post a picture of himself with his 400+ business cards and realised that I had made a huge mistake.

Overall it was a great weekend. I can’t wait for the next MCM.