It’s MCM Expo London next week. I’ll be at table D5 selling the first two issues of the comic, postcards, badges and also a new limited edition print. Limited as in there are only 50, and when they are gone, they are gone, baby. Come by and have a look. I’ll be next to the awesome Richy K. Chandler and Zarina Liew.

If you can’t make it to MCM but are in London and would like a comic, never fear! Orbital in Covent Garden and Gosh! in Soho have both issues in stock.

While we’re at it, Penny Blackfeather reached 4000 hits! But the last few weeks have mostly been spent panicking about getting things done for MCM, as well as working on a couple of non-regencypunk projects (I know right? Traitor to the cause and all that) but hopefully I’ll be able to start a grand drawing for that soon. You still have time to suggest things for that.

Next week: What is Penny up to at the moment? Not sitting around waiting for these two, that’s for sure.