We hope you enjoy your stay. In the event of an emergency, the only exit is behind you. To be honest, it won’t be very useful where you’re going.┬áBut who is this? A wandering ghost? An old friend? Find out next week! (It’s not really a mystery).

While we’re in this strange new place, let’s talk about strange new things. First off, I recently requested a commission from one of my favourite artists Aaron Alexovich, creator of the wonderfully spookycute Serenity Rose. He kindly drew this:

You have permission to bathe in the awesomeness.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this (and how much I love Serenity Rose. Seriously, read it now) so instead, onto different matters…


After reaching 3000 hits recently, it seems we are well on our way towards 4000 already. So I thought I’d get in early and remind everyone what happens to celebrate a thousand hits. You suggest something, I draw it. I’ve added the past few “Grand drawings” to the Extras page. Just follow the link above to see them.

So, how can you suggest ideas for the 4th Grand drawing? There are three ways to do it; firstly, you can leave a comment on this post, secondly you can sent a tweet to @francescadare (that’s me) with your suggestion and #penny4000, or thirdly you can make a suggestion on the Penny Blackfeather facebook page. There should be a post that you can reply to right now.

What can you suggest? Literally anything*! Want to see the characters in a different style, in a different setting, as different people, doing different things? Well why don’t you say so? Once we reach 4000 hits I’ll combine the best suggestions to make a bizarre new monster mash-up drawing. And then you, dear reader, can sit back and say with pride “I was a part of that. I helped bring that abomination to life.” Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t it?

*Not literally anything.