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So to Her Magic Has Color?

*stares at keyboard for too long*
There’s this one panel in the comic book series Scott Pilgrim vs. The World where a character points out that another has changed their hair colour, at which point the author adds a disclaimer that the comic is in black and white, the joke being that the comic is in black and white. This to me is the funniest joke in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which is a very funny and lovely comic that you should read. Now I am no Bryan Lee O’Malley. (Bare with me.) My colour choices in this comic have been mostly aesthetic. But there are three (3) scenarios that can been drawn from this page:

1. Penny is fully (red) colourblind. She didn’t see the colours in the Goblin Valley, which explains why she didn’t realise that the adventurer was not the man Mim was looking for. We, the audience, alone see the exciting colour of magic, to help us distinguish it from dull reality.
2. Penny is colourblind but can see magic in colour. The reason she didn’t realise that the adventurer was not the man Mim was looking for is because she hadn’t even been listening to Mim in the first place.
3. Penny is not colourblind. The narrator was being sarcastic, pointing out that we, the audience, can only see the comic in greyscale. The author thinks she is very clever and pats herself on the back while drinking a martini.

Make of that what you will. My personal preference is for number 1 but honestly I have shifted between all three scenarios at some point in this comic’s creation so I’ll leave it up to you, the viewer. So what does your heart tell you, Jedidusk? What does your heart tell you?

TLDR: sure.

For those of us who forgot, where are his eye colors introduced to the witch?

(Came here from Skull Shaped Heart, enjoying the show.)

Back in part 3 Mim mentions that she is looking for someone with grey and blue eyes (but she won’t say who or why) around page 64. Just a few pages later you can see in colour that this particular person is not the droids Mim is looking for.
And very glad you are enjoying the show *whispers offstage* more dancing monkeys, quick!

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