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We can be heroes just for one page

We can be heroes just for one page published on

Well I don’t know about you, but I don’t think this guy is very good at adventuring. Luckily, next week we return to our illustrious heroine, which I’m sure will be better for everyone.

A massive thankyou to everyone who linked to or visited the site and brought the number of hits up by over 200 in just a week! You all rock. Thanks also for everyone who gave me lovely comments and feedback. I am working on implementing the changes suggested, including an RSS feed (whatever that is *pokes internet with twig*), and more colour and pictures to brighten the place up.

Dare we attempt to reach 500 hits by next week? Make it so, Blackfeather Minions! (Disclaimer: I do not really have minions. *Sigh*)


ch-ch-ch-ch-changes published on 1 Comment on ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Children eh? Give them an inch and they take your wallet.

I have made changes to the site. There is now a links page and more to see on the info page. I have been informed that comments are not working on blog posts, so if you have feedback about the website you’ll have to leave it as a comment on the latest comic page or let me know on twitter. I am trying to fix that now.


Edit: Okay, the comments should be fixed. Feel free to try it out!

Edit 2 And now: A less fugly font! Twitter buttons! Hopefully working (please god let them be working now) links! Hooray!


Who’s this then?

Who’s this then? published on

This week we are introduced to our other main character, who isn’t quite as excited about having adventures as Penny is.

I’ll be updating the comic at a rate of one page every week from now on, at least until I have the skill and endurance to churn out multiple comic pages at once. I’d love to be able to update every day or even two or three times a week, but I just can’t, what with having a full-time non-webcomics job and all.

For those of you who like a hefty chunk of comic to read at each update, there is a bookmark button under the pages so that you can read monthly and not get lost. If all goes well then Penny Blackfeather will weigh in at about 100 pages eventually, so be patient!

By next week this website should look prettier. I say should because my redecorating method involves poking my computer monitor and muttering to myself.


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