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Who’s this then?

Who’s this then? published on

This week we are introduced to our other main character, who isn’t quite as excited about having adventures as Penny is.

I’ll be updating the comic at a rate of one page every week from now on, at least until I have the skill and endurance to churn out multiple comic pages at once. I’d love to be able to update every day or even two or three times a week, but I just can’t, what with having a full-time non-webcomics job and all.

For those of you who like a hefty chunk of comic to read at each update, there is a bookmark button under the pages so that you can read monthly and not get lost. If all goes well then Penny Blackfeather will weigh in at about 100 pages eventually, so be patient!

By next week this website should look prettier. I say should because my redecorating method involves poking my computer monitor and muttering to myself.


Penny Blackfeather lives!

Penny Blackfeather lives! published on

Hooray! After many months of preparation it looks like I have finally set up my very own webcomic. Look at that nice shiny cover. Look at it! Look at eeet!

Over the next couple of days I will be adding content to the site: links, a sensible ‘about’ page, an archive that works etc. Then on Sunday the comic with update with 3 (count em, 3) pages. After that I’ll be posting a page a week. So, ahem…┬áTell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your dog. Gather them around the warm glow of your computer screen to read the exciting adventures of Penny Blackfeather.




So I decided to make a comic…

So I decided to make a comic… published on

…which isn’t really new for me; I’ve made comics before. Lots of comics. But this time, I decided, the comic would be more than just a hashed out in-joke about my own thinly disguised neuroses and hatred of humanity. No, this time it would be an epic gothic adventure (featuring hashed out in-jokes about my own thinly disguised neuroses and hatred of humanity).

So I wrote a script for the comic, which I don’t usually do. My method of comic making typically involves me regurgitating amusing things that happened in my vicinity onto a piece of A4 printer paper. Scripts do not occur. But anyway, this time I wrote one. And it was bloody long. And it was bloody awful. So I rewrote it, and it was less awful, but still pretty long.

And then I decided to foist it onto the internet for some poor wandering soul to find and be disgusted by. That is what this website is for. You fell right into my trap. Muaa ha ha.

But really, this website is for a comic. I am still in the process of making both website and comic, but unless something goes hideously wrong (that is to say, more hideous than the damned thing already is) I will launch the comic here by the end of January.

Watch this space.



Oh, wait, you want to know what the comic is actually about? Okay. This is Penny.

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