Thank you so much, dearest readers, for your patience and support!

This has been a long time coming, but obviously this comic hasn’t updated in a while. I have stopped working on Penny Blackfeather indefinitely. Other projects have overtaken it this year, and for now it feels like the right time to work on them and put this comic aside.

Penny Blackfeather will remain online here, but I have posted links below to my other things where there is more going on, and news of what new exciting things are happening.

Penny Blackfeather was and still is very precious to me. It was the comic I would have wanted to read when I was young, about a girl who gets to be the hero. It didn’t have many readers to begin with, but those it did have were amazing. It helped me improve my artwork and my patience. It got me through breakups, through losing two jobs, through some bad periods of depression.

I’m sorry to the many of you who enjoy this comic. The fans of Penny Blackfeather are fantastic. You know who you are you regencypunk stars. I appreciate and love you all! And do not despair! This is not the end, just a change. I’m not ready to try again yet, but hopefully one day I will be. And if not, that’s ok. I am so proud of Penny Blackfeather, and the almost ten years of work that went into it. No matter what, I’ve created something that makes me happy. I hope it makes other people as happy too!
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