I am very lucky to have had some awesome people make fanart for Penny Blackfeather. Here are their glorious creations for all to see. Check out their other work too; they are super-talented!

Keep Calm by Tara Roseblade (the first!)

Penny, The Adventurer, Penny for your thoughts by Michael Lombardi

The Fabulous Penny Blackfeather by Fay Hancocks

Penny Blackfeather by Saul Taylor

The Adventurer by Rebecca “Bex” Burgess

Princess Ara by Zarina Liew

Penny and Gramps by Courtney Svatek

Grand Drawings

1000 hits: Zoetrope commented “I would love to see something Game of Thrones-y! Preferably with the gorgeous Jon Snow :P” Here’s the result.

2000 hits: Stephen commented “you could draw the two characters as King Kong and Ann Darrow. but have them climbing up Big Ben instead of the Empire State building.” I could indeed, and here it is.

3000 hits: Multiple suggestions, with crazy results.





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