The end is nigh…

After today, there’s just 3 pages left to go of Penny Blackfeather volume 1! What’s next, well, I’m not too sure!

I’ll be working on a few different projects this summer, but rest assured this won’t be the end for Penny and her companions. First of all the entire story will soon be collected in a lovely print edition, published by the equally lovely Sloth Comics. Secondly, I’ve already started writing ideas for Penny Blackfeather volume 2. But I want the story to be good, so I won’t be rushing it. I’ll need to think of something to keep this site fed updated during the summer. Maybe with Q&As with the characters or a mini comic or two. We’ll see.

If you have any particular things you’d like to see after volume 1, drop a comment! And thanks again for reading.

A Farewell to Ara (for now)

WASP is over for another year but there is one final treat for you; some more amazing artwork from Zarina Liew!


Thank you Zarina! (Check out some more of her work here). I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of Ara either. I have plans, great plans. Did you enjoy WASP 2014? Well if you are a webcomic-making-type person then keep your eye out for the great call of WASP 2015!

Next week we return to our almost regularly scheduled programme, when Lord Whitby tells us a little bit about haunted mansions…

WASP 2014

It’s Webcomic Artist Swap Week! Check out the page I made for Jade Sarson’s Cafe Suada right here. And you can check out Jade’s awesome stuff on her site. Tune in on Sunday for an extra special page by an extra extra special mystery guest. I can’t wait to show you all.


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