Pendleton Blackbird (Fran’s Summer Holiday #2: July)

November 1812, in the quiet town of Nutmeg, England.

All Pendleton Bloke wants to do is embroidery and ballroom dancing, but his brothers and father think those are sissy things to do. The only supporter he has is his Grandmother, Natalia Blackbird, grand dressmaker to European Royalty. Unfortunately she’s been dead forty years.

Pendleton sees his chance when a mysterious seamstress arrives in town. There’s just one problem; she’s betrothed to the strange and sinister Mr Dorian King. Also she’s a sorceress. And also Mr King turns out to be the emperor of the Molemen and also she’s actually been kidnapped by him and taken to the Faery Valley where he plans to sacrifice her for some reason. Okay, so let’s make that several problems.

It looks like Pendleton will have to go on an adventure! With the help of Natalia’s ghost and a very clever parrot called Duke, Pendleton must use his snazzy dance moves and trusty sowing kit to save the day…



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Summer Holiday

I didn’t want the last twisty page of the comic to be up for ages so here’s a nice picture instead.

Penny Blackfeather is going on holiday until Autumn while I rest, work on other projects and most importantly write the script for Penny Blackfeather volume 2. You heard me, there will be a sequel, you didnt think it would all end on a mysterious note like that, did you? If you can’t wait that long, don’t panic. I’m sure there will be the odd one-shot page going up before then. Maybe some deleted scenes or Q&As with the characters. If there’s something you’d like to see, leave a comment.

If you want to keep up with Penny updates you can check on my twitter (although you’ll also have to wade through my babbled tweets about cats and VFX). I’ll also be talking about the other mystery projects I’ll be working on.

Also I’ll be at MCM Expo London at the end of May selling the new part 4 of the comic as well as badges, postcards, doodles on bits of napkins and… *looks around shiftily* maybe even the collected edition of Penny Blackfeather. Yeah, that’s right. All 4 issues in 1 book. With a cover and everything. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Thank you so much for reading. Until next time, I hope you all have a happy, colourful, adventurous summer…

The future…

So this is the last page of Penny Blackfeather part 4… and also the last page of volume 1.

Originally it was going to be a stand alone story, but there were too many things that caught my eye and made me want to develop them further. The last two pages for example I only decided on keeping for sure when I was just starting part 3. So this is definitely not the end. There are many questions to be answered, about Mim and Cali, and Princess, about Rook and his grandson…

Next week: answers?

The end is nigh…

After today, there’s just 3 pages left to go of Penny Blackfeather volume 1! What’s next, well, I’m not too sure!

I’ll be working on a few different projects this summer, but rest assured this won’t be the end for Penny and her companions. First of all the entire story will soon be collected in a lovely print edition, published by the equally lovely Sloth Comics. Secondly, I’ve already started writing ideas for Penny Blackfeather volume 2. But I want the story to be good, so I won’t be rushing it. I’ll need to think of something to keep this site fed updated during the summer. Maybe with Q&As with the characters or a mini comic or two. We’ll see.

If you have any particular things you’d like to see after volume 1, drop a comment! And thanks again for reading.

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