To be continued… plus MCM

Oooh cliffhanger! What has our poor adventurer done this time? How are they going to get Winter’s cloak back like this? It’s all a bit of a pickle, isn’t it.

Sadly, you’re going to have to wait an extra week to find it all out. Next week I’m taking a break as I’ll be preparing both for MCM and for the deadline of our current film at my day job. Don’t panic though, updates resume on the 24th with the first page of part 2.

Also in two weeks time is MCM Expo London! I’ll be there at the Sloth Comics table selling volume 1 of Penny Blackfeather, plus individual issues including brand new printed Volume 2 Part 1. It’s not even called Volume 2; I gave it a name and everything. Woohoo! You can also get your own drawing by me as I’ll be doing commissions again. I’m getting the hang of them. 60% guaranteed it might even look like you.

Next week I’ll put up some artwork and maybe show you the cover of the new issue. Stand by for the name of Volume 2!

WASP 2015

Things have been a little hectic around here lately. Why? Because myself and Sarah Turner of Folklore have been organising this year’s Webcomic Artist Swap Project (WASP). 18 Wencomic creators swap art duties to create brand new looks for 14 different webcomics. Check them all out and maybe find a comic you haven’t read before!

This coming sunday’s page will be a WASP page by a surprise artist. I’ve seen it and it blew my socks off so I can’t wait to show you all…





Thought Bubble and the PBF Book

What’s this? Could it be… plot?!

Hey! Did you know that you can now buy the Penny Blackfeather collected edition online? Yayyy! It’s available on Amazon (UK/USA/Canada) and soon at other online shops, or just ask in your local friendly comic book shop. There’s a new link up top which will have a list of places to get it. And just in time for you-know-what! *pokes repeatedly at final month of calendar while looking elsewhere and whistling nonchalantly*

In other news, I’ll be at Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds next weekend. Some of the time I shall be at the Sloth Comics table, signing books and drawing commissions. I’ll only have limited slots for them though so get in early. I’ll also have a few copies of the individuals issues for people wishing to complete the set, plus original ink and watercolour drawings and the limited edition Eccles charity greetings card that Sloth are kindly letting me hawk from their lovely table. Come and see the magic happen, by which I mean come and watch me drink tea in an undignified manner and scrawl doodles while gibbering about comics.

I will not be at the table during Sketching Spotlights because I wanna watch them, seriously, I missed them last year and that made me sad. Also I may wander off randomly to meet people. Deal with it kiddo!

Next week: What is this Whitedown place? It sounds… familiar…

I have absolutely nothing of interest to say: